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Maxicom has been your expert in the field of refurbished hardware and network equipment since 1998. The technology changes, but the need remains the same. In addition to good quality IT hardware at a reasonable price, companies also want to be relieved of the work involved in buying and repurchasing.

We understand that IT is complex. By offering services in the areas of installation, advice, data removal, recycling and storage, we make IT management easy. Questions about IT and our services? Please contact us.


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Maxicom attaches great value to sustainability. By refurbishing as many products and parts as possible, products that are often considered 'depreciated' get a second life. However, it is not possible to reuse all products and parts. These products are collected and separated by Maxicom so that they can be recycled.

How does recycling work at Maxicom?

Recycling is the reuse of materials. Recycling avoids the need to produce new parts and thus saves raw materials and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling is not the same as reusing products. At Maxicom we separate and sort all parts in designated containers. Components such as cables, circuit boards and hard disks are separated in different bins and transported to a certified company. This company processes these products further so that they can eventually be offered as raw materials for new products. The disposal of used IT equipment must comply with various environmental regulations such as the WEEE and AEFA. Maxicom complies with these laws. Let us take care of your IT recycling so that your organisation meets these requirements as well.


If you choose refurbished from Maxicom, you choose quality. Refurbished means that the product you buy has been refurbished and returned to near-new condition. At Maxicom we do this as follows:

  • Certified technical inspection of the hardware;
  • Cooperation with international partners;
  • Cleaning of the exterior and interior of products;
  • Removal of all features (labels, stickers, etc);
  • Data-wiping; deleting all data and resetting product to factory default;
  • Upgrading the software, installing updates;
  • We provide A Grade quality, our products meet your requirements;
  • Customised warranty possible.

Trade-in of your used equipment

At Maxicom we think it is important that ICT products are reused whenever possible. We offer an integrated service for the physical, commercial and administrative processing of the ICT equipment to be replaced. We take care of the disposal, inventory, registration and certified data-wiping of your depreciated ICT equipment. If desired, we can even wipe on location. By doing so, we reduce the risks, lower the costs and reduce the stress associated with equipment removal.

We do all this in an environmentally friendly way. If equipment can no longer be used, we will stockpile the parts that can be reused. The parts that cannot be reused are recycled. We think about the environment!

Maxicom can provide a value indication based on specifications provided in advance. Upon receipt, our engineers get to work testing the equipment. After the test phase, we set a final price. We offer defective and unsaleable ICT equipment to registered recycling companies.

Certified data wiping

Company data is probably the most valuable asset within the company. When replacing IT hardware such as network storage, laptops or other data carriers, it is vital that this data is correctly deleted. Maxicom has been the most suitable party for certified data removal for years.

If you wish, the data can even be deleted on location. Upon completion, each customer receives a certificate proving that all confidential data has been removed in accordance with all laws and regulations. Fully compliant with the GDPR and additional European standards.

Spare part management

Own storage of spare parts is expensive. All parts have been purchased in advance and are stationary in our own stock. By leaving these products in our warehouse externally, our customers are assured of quality and keep more cash for other projects.

We offer tailor-made contracts to facilitate customers in storing spare parts with guaranteed delivery time.


We are happy to assist you in dismantling, de-installing and disposing of your old infrastructure. Dismantling this equipment and spaces requires a skilled approach. We always take into account your wishes and requirements regarding data security, on and off site data destruction and the corresponding certificates.

A broad network, worldwide

Maxicom has a global network. Through our years of experience we have contacts all over the world.

Are you looking for a specific product or part? Then we look with our partners to deliver for you at the best price. Take advantage of our smart business practices and join our satisfied customers.

Large stock

In 2020, we made the move to a new warehouse. Through partnerships and our own stock, we can deliver from a warehouse of over 5,000 m². With stock including Cisco, Juniper, Arista, HP, Dell/EMC and more, we can ship quickly. Can specific parts not or hardly be supplied by the manufacturer? Then please contact Maxicom and we will immediately look for an appropriate solution. Our customers usually benefit from equivalent or even longer warranties than the manufacturer's warranty.

Do you have a problem? Urgently looking for a critical component in your network? Maxicom can help you quickly! For most countries in Europe we can offer next business day delivery. This shortens the downtime of the ICT equipment and thus guarantees a higher degree of continuity. Want to know more? Please contact us!

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